She belongs to you
In piles of innocence and overwhelming gratitude
For the life you secretly sketched in silence
Whatever catches your eye in that moment
Before the grey shadows creep
Inside the rigid contours of your gentle face
Wrinkling your nose into a silly smile
Is her timeless gift to you
For finally seeing her eye to eye
She reassembles your particles with skin from her own creation
Sculpting a serene pose out of your monotonous adaptation
She belongs to you
And she belongs to every single living thing out there
In heaps of optimism and unrestricted faith
Whenever you start to wonder, “Is this all there is?”
She scoops you up in her arms like a mother
Nuzzling her nose in the crook of your neck
Invoking a deep belly roar to remind you
With swells of modesty and all things extraordinary
That she has so much more in waiting
She belongs to you and only you
And no one can keep her away from you

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