Or nothing at all…

Give me something beautiful or nothing at all
Show me a roadmap to the hidden chambers
Of your heart
Where the kites fly high above rooftops red
And amber oceans wrestle with the ashen earth
Feast my mind with your addicting visions
Crushed from the grapes of your ancestor’s rage
And your mother’s lavender love
Surround me with your majesty or nothing at all
Inspire me with the passionate ramblings
Of your soul
And, sting me with your poison, repeatedly
Until I feel its conviction
I have little time to please the mid summer’s moon
Chasing fireflies in your secret garden
And, running barefoot in the pouring rain
So, show me something real or nothing at all
Let me see the stars shining in your eyes
Let me hear the melody buzzing from your lips
Insisting like the ocean
Unbroken like the sky

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