Half Truth

…I don’t hate you at all
Hate is a strong word even for you
But, there is so much I cannot forget
And still unable to forgive
That I feel shackled to these thorny feelings
A strange mix of sulfur and rain
Trying to hide the odor inside the sweet fragrance
Of our unquestionable love
But the damned memory of its inadequacy
Roots itself in the muck of my heart
Rendering me utterly useless
There are days when I don’t think of you at all
It is as if you never invaded my heart
Like a masked bandit riding on a dark horse
Ruthlessly looting my priceless contents
It is as if we never said those sacred words
That would ultimately trap us in a broken loop
Of fickle allegiance and false promises
I can no longer remember your rigid angles
Or recollect the muted colors of your expressions
But, a strange sensation spreads across my chest
When I realize, there are days when…

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