Rip Tide

crashing wave
The butterflies arrive some time after midnight
And stay active in the confines of my pit
Until daybreak.
Fluttering around gracefully, they create
Countless ripples in varying degrees
Of a memory I’ve been trying to replace
But, all night I feel them dip and dive
Oddly making me think of a prickly fruit
Which was deftly dissected from its flesh
And its pink fibers torn and left rotting
Under the island sun.
Concentric circles form in the frontal cortex
Urging my brain to quietly follow its retreat
To a place where time feels vaguely familiar
Yet, absolutely abnormal
There, I’m haunted by a lingering melody
Drawn into the innermost sanctum of my being
I’m powerless where your vibration is the most powerful
I feel it rattling like a snake just beneath the surface
Hissing me back into life.
I have laid my head on this exact spot here, with you
Where rock crystals have begun to form
And this feeling which used to crash into my ribs
Has gradually lost its meaning
Looping around my sternum like a riptide
It hungrily swallows my desire in its bloat
With little resistance.

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