4 things every 24 hours?

This blog serves not only as an outlet for my stream of consciousness, but, also as a reminder of the things I strive for. I’m stitched together entirely of good intentions. I watch in others for those things that strike me as kind and generous and try to emulate them in my life. And, every now and then, I’m reminded of my own awesomeness from those who know me best. Lately, I’ve been percolating about my life and as a result, here’s a short list of things I’ve decided to do every day. Care to join me?

1. Smile more.
I was on the train today and this little girl in front of me caught my eye and instead of averting her gaze, I flashed her a big smile. At first, she didn’t know what to do. She looked up at her mom and then looked back at me and started grinning from ear to ear. In fact, she wouldn’t stop smiling until I got off the train. And then, I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of my walk home. Watch out, those of you in my way… you are getting smiled at from here on out!

2. Be genuine.
Say something nice about the people in your life. Why not start each conversations with a compliment? When you see a friend or a coworker in a flattering dress or a nice tie, tell them how good they look. It’s such a little thing really and it can make someone’s day. The other day, my niece randomly put her arms around my neck and said, auntie Sena, you smell soooooo good. It was so spontaneous and honest that it just melted my heart. Kids have a way of speaking their mind, don’t they? They are blessed in that way and they don’t harbor any malice even when they are inadvertently being rude. We can all take a page out of their book and learn to be more authentic. The old adage still rings true, if you don’t have anything nice to say, just be quiet. Hey, but you can still smile!

3. Get outside.
I spend all day at my desk. I even eat lunch at my desk. By the time I leave it’s dark outside and I feel like I’ve missed out on a beautiful day. Today I had to mail a letter so I was forced to walk outside in the afternoon and I instantly felt a surge of energy. The weather wasn’t particularly nice, but when I got back to my desk and once again cooped up under the fluorescent lights, I realized my cells crave something natural and free. Maybe the smokers in my office are on to something, not that I’m advocating that you pick up a bad habit. Smoking is very bad for you! But, like clockwork these addicts walk outside, rain or shine and I can’t help but wonder if perhaps, just maybe, there is a take away here. Find time for yourself! Find a park bench or some shade and simply enjoy the moment.

4. Treat yourself!
This is a continuation of my previous point. While one is physically motivated, the other is purely emotional. It’s no secret that our lives have become a rat races and everyone is running a hundred miles an hour all the time. We are bound by outlook calendars and phone alarms and train schedules all pulling us in different directions. Once in a while, just stop the madness and treat yourself to a proper breakfast in the morning or some frozen yogurt in the evening. Take a bubble bath, have a glass of wine with your meal or buy yourself some fresh cut flowers. You deserve it! It’ll all be here when you’re done, I promise.

I heard a quote the other day which made me pause… To be able to love yourself, you have to first be willing to love those around you. I never thought of it that way! You are always told that in order to love others, you have to love yourself first. Nothing wrong with that except, it’s all about you again and kind of misses the point entirely. A simple smile, a silent gesture of acceptance, a nod of the head in understanding, a silly little wink, a sincere hug and a few minutes of quiet reflection… these little moments are what life is all about and I need to remember to keep finding them each and every day!

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