heart red
There is a hole inside this pinwheel
Where he lives- that little rat!
With no care for my cares
Scurrying about his daily business
Within the confines of my heart

During the day, he is brisk
Running for miles and miles in place
Blowing elaborate smoke rings into my lungs
Forcing me out of my comfort
But, at night, he snuggles up oh so sweetly
Next to my white, that little rat
To play a strange little game of knock knock

Open the door, he whispers into my eyes
Seek what is hiding right under your nose
Find the facts in between the chatter of your teeth
And connect the dots
Beneath the lush of your lips and the tip
Of your razor tongue
It might take a minute or maybe more than a month
But, just keep feeling for the Braille
On your forehead
Keep turning those stones
Until you finally learn
Everything you already know

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