bee eaters
In the beginning, we walked together
Hand in hand
Into the thick of the night
Until the stars washed out of the sky
Without ever looking back
Maybe because we worked really hard
And hardly deserved it
Still, we somehow convinced ourselves
To roll up our sleeves
Day after day
To produce an intricate maneuver
To discover everything we had sought
Without asking why
Without knowing how
By simply choosing to mingle
Around the sturdy Maplewood desk
Time after time
Making room for things that we once dreamed of
Finding ways to make them fit
Inside the jagged crevices of our lives
So, we crammed ourselves
Into the mold, like Jello
Jiggling side by side
Wishing we could quietly suspend in place
But, in the end all we ever did
Was make excuses for the things we lost
And danced like mortal fools
Cheek to cheek
Watching the taillights vanish into the dark

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