snow monkey
It doesn’t pay to be sentimental anymore
There is no use wondering
How you could live so close yet so far away from me?
Or how the days between us grow like reeds
Yet, the memory of you clinging to my back
Like a book bag or a little monkey
As we walked in our neighbor’s courtyard
Playing little made-up games
Scrunching our noses up in the air
Is still so green like a patch of poison ivy
And the sound of your loving voice asking me
Am I too heavy?
Still clinging onto my back- you little monkey!
Can trigger a violent eruption in my soul
Breaking me out in hives
Darling, even if you had been
In that moment
Even if my bones had been too weary
To carry you
And my muscles completely drained
I would’ve never let you off my back
And, nothing could’ve torn us apart
But, there is no point in rehashing old memories
And, there is no use wondering
How I could be tracking your planet
With a giant telescope
And still not hear a single beep?
But, it really doesn’t pay to be sentimental, I swear!
Another year older but none the wiser
What else can I say?
Except, today you are so fucking heavy!

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