Dead Sea Scrolls

In this house
We gather around
All things round and square
Anything that meets
At the rightist angles
We prance all night
Like garden faeries
Running in loops
Until our feet are weary
And eyes blinded
By the sun
In this house
We sing like superstars
Hitting the high notes
With no problem
Using one dollar words
Without cringing
Without blinking
And, sometimes
Without even thinking
We chew our faces off
Until it bleeds
Spilling hot sauce
All over the coffee table
Making terrible messes
In broad daylight
But, in this house
We never leave the dishes
In the kitchen sink
Mother won’t allow it
We never sweep things
Under the rug
Father won’t accept it
We never stop trying
To douse our differences
In incense
Scenting the air again
With hope
And drowning our defenses
With intense faith
We are merely creatures
Of habit
Quietly praying for love
To like us again

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