If I had your blue eyes, my love
Maybe, I’d see the world
A little clearly
I’d bear witness to all the alien life
Teeming inside these dark waters
Swimming tirelessly into the deep
Even with salt dripping down my limbs
And coating me in the gritty grime
Of the Atlantic
I’d never give up on the journey
Of discovering your rich sediment
Smoldering for centuries in a velvety glaze
Of burning amber
Just under the visible surface
Perhaps, I’d stop viewing my life
In Sepia
And, actually see it
For what it really is- A gem!
A brilliant amethyst!
My crown jewel!
I’d find a way to power through
The muck of daily life
With this new-found wisdom
I’d stop waiting
For a wingless mythical bird
To lay my golden egg
Before sweeping me off my feet
Because, my love, I’d finally be delivered
In spite of all the fleeing sirens
To the finish line where you end
And I begin

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