A Miracle

By stepping foot on this piece of land
I’ve imagined your darkest hour
I’ve witnessed your veins throbbing
In excruciating pain
I’ve experienced your colossal disappointments
One by one
At the deepest level
And tasted the sorrow of your tears
In the sticky air surrounding me
By choosing to walk in your grey shadow
I’ve willingly elected to be your demon
I’ve decided to devour your venom
And gobble up your greed
In one big gulp
I’ve secured a front row ticket
To your marvelous misfortunes, my love
Because, I love you more than anything
And, I will hurdle through any walls you build
I will fight any battle you wage
In order to save your soul
I will not rest until you’re safely in the arms
Of my grace
Protected by my unconditional love
By taking your hand in mine
I’ve unshackled you from these earthly bonds
I’ve forgiven your terrible transgressions
And healed you back into being
I’ve delivered you home
To your favorite spot under the Neem tree
Where sunbeams are readying
To spill their secrets
And the moon is eagerly anticipating
Your dawn
By choosing to trust me
You, my love, have humbled me
You’ve made me worthy of wonder
And praise
And, you’ve set yourself free

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