In your presence
My spine straightens naturally
And stands a little bit taut
Yet, somehow I still feel like a noodle
Loosely aware of the pink elephant
In the room
Like a child looking up in wonder
At a shiny new toy
I watch you weave in and out
Of the queue
You are a darling boy
And, my heart starts to spill
Like a shot of espresso
The moment you catch my eye
Filling up the emptying vessels
Slowly seeping into my sanctum
Allowing me to percolate before
I fully awake
The aroma of your existence is exquisite
I can feel my senses brewing briskly
Like a light switch they turn on
Illuminating the musty attic
Of my subconscious
The particles of your sheer energy
Have once again succeeded in filtering
My prism
And, they… no, you keep trying to burn
A hole through my lens
But, don’t worry I can no longer see
Your true colors
Your face is just a masterpiece
In black and white
Giving me nothing more
Than what I’ve asked for

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