Monkey Mind

raindrops lotus
Lean back into it, she says
Let your head roll back
But, sweat beads race into my nostrils
When I open my chest up to the sky
The air is stale in the heated chamber
And, I’m struggling to maintain my balance
To breathe…
The salt stinging my insides like acid
Causes my vision to blur
What’s happened has happened, she says
Make whatever comes next count
I can barely hear the words under water
For more sweat is bubbling up on my surface
Like raindrops on a lotus leaf
She pulls my shoulders back gently
With both hands
Breathe through your nose, she says
My weight, collecting in the gap of my thighs
Begin hitchhiking its way up my hips
And into the curve of my lower back
I could quit now…
My monkey mind begins to plot a coup
In an instant I could return to a child’s repose
I could comfortably surrender
Every last rigorous cell
Back to its original state of rest
I could be content with everything
I already have
But, my muscles stubbornly refuse to budge
My core, solid like a tree trunk
And my feet trembling, yet firm like a branch
Stay rooted to my big toe
As if anchored to the floor
Nothing is wrong, she says
You have come here with a purpose
And, you will leave here having succeeded
My breath escapes easily into whatever that follows
My eyes narrowing on the reflection in the mirror
Om Shanti, she says

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