When you scratch the underbelly of a beast
Often, after an industrious day
You’ll be shocked to find its softness
Like a pile of loose goose down feathers
Ready to cradle your hard body
But, when you trace your palms up towards its heart
You’ll be stunned by its muscular enormity
Beating fast and trembling like a little babe
You’ll be startled by its ferocious roar
And equally astonished by its vulnerability
When it finally curls up into your arms
When you close your eyes and feel your way
Through the intricate maze of its organism
The limbs protruding like plastic mannequin parts
You won’t believe its rippling mass for a minute
You won’t comprehend its existence at all
Naturally, you’ll doubt everything you’ve learned
Overcome by a crippling alarm
Unless you’re able to keep your eyes open
When you come face to face with its gnarly mangle
Unscathed by its menacing growl
Boldly standing up against its insatiable myth
And seeing that you’re the one yanking its chain
This vicious beast is just afraid
Of you… its master and servant

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