I’ve held on to the face of happiness
Like a child clutching a teddy bear
For as long as I could
Unwilling to breakdown upon its grave
I’ve walked and walked for miles
In search of my feet
And, it wasn’t until I fully surrendered
To the road
That life decided to throw me a bone
And trap me in her intricate web of love
She crept into my extremities like a grapevine
Suffocating them one by one with her firm grip
Choking out the toxins for good
But, I didn’t die, not once
Not even when I couldn’t breathe
And long blue cracks started to appear
Along the surface of my golden mantle
Threatening to split me into two
Not even when bitterness enveloped me
Like an early morning fog
Determined to douse my glowing coals
She mercifully let me survive again and again
Just in the nick of time
At last when our eyes met
She smiled like my mother and said lovingly
Darling, how else can I let light in?

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