Another me still lingers here
Covered in cobwebs and clinging to the anomalous shape
Of you
You are me
When I catch you standing in the center of the room
Fearlessly singing the raag of the dawn
At dusk
You are me
When I feel the earth’s magnetism pulsating through my veins
As I strut under the sizzling sun
You are my Avatar
My daily manifestation of a staggering delusion
And, some days we are one like the smile of the Monalisa
Perfect from every angle
But, you are not me
When I catch you smirking
As I take three steps forward and one step back
Struggling to calibrate my center to the true north
You are not me
When you vanish into the dark as I’m calling for you
Only to remerge as the golden sliver outlining the blue-grey sky
You are not me
In that shiny new skin, sweetheart
Artistically shuffled and edited to suit the latest trend
Because, if you look closely you’ll notice
My scars
I’m beautifully vintaged and smartly scratched
I only make sense to those who can read
Between these spreading laugh lines
You and I
We will forever be the sum of two equal halves
Never the whole

2 thoughts on “Nemesis

  1. CSK

    Beautiful piece but when we realize there are no equal half but we are one whole piece of love than life becomes much blissful 🙂 Have faith in yourself! When you have no faith in the wave, how can you get faith in ocean?
    Love CK:)

    1. BrownGal

      No one is all good or all bad. We are the sum of our actions, reactions, choices, likes, dislikes etc. But, we are not defined by any one of them, regardless of the outcome. Thank you for the comment!

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