…the dust starts to settle
From the arrival
Of a strangely soothing expression
I find myself already exposed
Smiling like a ghost
Processing the scene with a wide angled lens
Slowly filtering the particles
Of my existence
Into a death defying vision
As the light starts to disappear
Behind your ear
I catch myself holding on to the corners
Of an old photograph
Starring into the dingy shadows
Of your hollow eyes
Wanting them to twinkle
Like stars
Before draining every last bit of its source
Within my doldrums
My fingernails graze
The sandy beach far away from you
And, I feel my will receding
With each rushing wave
Carrying the sediment of your memory
Back to the surface
My love, the urge to keep going
Crashes into me
Creating salt bubbles in its wake
But just as…

A strange dichotomy of entrapments

In the end
I’d learned to let go of the things I’d wanted
Only to realize the ones
I’d rightfully deserved
So, I made a list and set about
Crossing them off one by one
Laying in the red dirt of the virgin earth
I no longer yearned for you
Still, I kept finding little pieces of your benevolence
Mixed with my tears
Washing over the empty spaces of my survival
In the end
I’d traced your grace
All the way back through my veins
And into my heart
Only to feel the molding
Around the throbbing parts of my boundaries
Like a cast
And, I knew then that it was left there
By you
To protect me
From the brutal impact of this journey
So, I vowed to spend the rest of the nights
Huddled under my grandmother’s quilt
Rearranging the unspoken words
That still lingered into a prayer
Readying to do anything
To be your everything
Just to make things whole again
But, in the end
All you ever wanted was my peace
In a fiercely protective kind of way
Even with limbs flying everywhere
And heart muscles brimming
With bloody gratitude
You wanted nothing more than
My joy…
My love…
Because, in the end
I realize that’s what you are!


There is tension in the body
Like a string of elastic blue rubber
There is a pull
Which stretches the core even wider
And profound
Prolonging the inevitable
There is space created in the body
Like the earth opening up from a quake
Revealing deep chasms of nothingness
Underneath rubbles of delicious hope
And hunger
And, there is a an ache in the body
Where your lips singed my brown flesh, my love
Revealing a trace of ancient black Carbon
Hiding in the deepest part of my being
Under layers and layers of bitter white ice
There is also a lull in the body
Like a calm aftermath of the storm
Allowing the seeds of your promise
To descend lazily like dandelions
Across my narrow plains
Coating the air with puffs of pale pollen
But, there is still life in the body
Like a sleeping giant
It lies in wait for your touch, my love
To start roaring like thunder
And break open into a million droplets
Of riotous rain


The almost perfect harmony
Of the entire universe
Can be located
In the middle of a cloudless day
Inside the four corners
Of a picnic blanket
With my head resting on a pillow
Composed of the strongest muscles
In the human body
who needs a good book
when I can hear the universe breathing
through your heartbeat, my love?

The whipping winds
From the nearby surf
Play the perfect counterpart
Adding to the burgeoning frenzy
Whispering a thousand yeses in my ear
Oh, the magic of this moment is very real
It is no longer fogged up in mirth
Though it keeps begging to remain silent
Yet, the exact coordinates of this joy
Keeps getting harder and harder
To pinpoint
Because it is uncompromising
In its pursuit of raw desire
Jumping lethally out of its box
Unwilling to be tainted by any logic
Known to man
It is tireless in its quest
To remain nameless
But, soon it will be its own country
On my map


Happiness found me swiftly
Shackled in the middle of the room
With my arms crossed
And shoulders tightly wound
Waiting for it
Relax, it whispered in my ear
Just because you want it
Doesn’t mean you can have it all
You can’t stand under the dim kitchen light
With one hand on your hip
And the other one pointed at me
Because, I know your ways like the back
Of my hand, little one
So, allow me to congregate
Like a bumbling butterfly
Between the crook of your neck
And collarbone
And let the skin on your lips ripple
Like wet paper from my kiss
Just because you can
Doesn’t mean you should
So speak to me in the plainest manner
And let me listen for the hidden clues
Inside the foreign language of your sorrow
Go ahead and wait for the words to follow
And watch me take notes
You can’t breakthrough to the other side
Without stepping into my pool
So, hold on to your hat, little one
And just stick your head under water
Because, you can’t simply wish for it
In your dreams
Unless you’re willing to work for it
With eyes wide open

Mother of Invention

Another day
Another question
Another trial
Another discovery
This is the cycle of life
You understand the truth by the way
It squirms deliciously in your hands
Every time you try to hold it
You learn to speak its name in broad daylight
While reading its big brown eyes
Searching for clues within the silent pauses
Of its day to day existence
In between breaths of refreshing air
You listen
You ask
You accept
You grow
You notice the exact camber of its stigma
Preaching ever so passionately
From the bitter lessons it has taught your kind
You protect its innards with bubble wrap
Coiling around its most sensitive regions
So that it can survive the final impact unharmed
You learn the timing of all things living
And dying
Knowing when to breathe
When to smile
When to quit while you’re ahead
When to catch the bait between your teeth
And spit it out like snake venom
When to lay your heavy head on another’s lap
And invent new ways of counting sheep
Another day
Another question
Another trial
Another discovery
Ah, ain’t life grand?!