Happiness found me swiftly
Shackled in the middle of the room
With my arms crossed
And shoulders tightly wound
Waiting for it
Relax, it whispered in my ear
Just because you want it
Doesn’t mean you can have it all
You can’t stand under the dim kitchen light
With one hand on your hip
And the other one pointed at me
Because, I know your ways like the back
Of my hand, little one
So, allow me to congregate
Like a bumbling butterfly
Between the crook of your neck
And collarbone
And let the skin on your lips ripple
Like wet paper from my kiss
Just because you can
Doesn’t mean you should
So speak to me in the plainest manner
And let me listen for the hidden clues
Inside the foreign language of your sorrow
Go ahead and wait for the words to follow
And watch me take notes
You can’t breakthrough to the other side
Without stepping into my pool
So, hold on to your hat, little one
And just stick your head under water
Because, you can’t simply wish for it
In your dreams
Unless you’re willing to work for it
With eyes wide open

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