The almost perfect harmony
Of the entire universe
Can be located
In the middle of a cloudless day
Inside the four corners
Of a picnic blanket
With my head resting on a pillow
Composed of the strongest muscles
In the human body
who needs a good book
when I can hear the universe breathing
through your heartbeat, my love?

The whipping winds
From the nearby surf
Play the perfect counterpart
Adding to the burgeoning frenzy
Whispering a thousand yeses in my ear
Oh, the magic of this moment is very real
It is no longer fogged up in mirth
Though it keeps begging to remain silent
Yet, the exact coordinates of this joy
Keeps getting harder and harder
To pinpoint
Because it is uncompromising
In its pursuit of raw desire
Jumping lethally out of its box
Unwilling to be tainted by any logic
Known to man
It is tireless in its quest
To remain nameless
But, soon it will be its own country
On my map

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