There is tension in the body
Like a string of elastic blue rubber
There is a pull
Which stretches the core even wider
And profound
Prolonging the inevitable
There is space created in the body
Like the earth opening up from a quake
Revealing deep chasms of nothingness
Underneath rubbles of delicious hope
And hunger
And, there is a an ache in the body
Where your lips singed my brown flesh, my love
Revealing a trace of ancient black Carbon
Hiding in the deepest part of my being
Under layers and layers of bitter white ice
There is also a lull in the body
Like a calm aftermath of the storm
Allowing the seeds of your promise
To descend lazily like dandelions
Across my narrow plains
Coating the air with puffs of pale pollen
But, there is still life in the body
Like a sleeping giant
It lies in wait for your touch, my love
To start roaring like thunder
And break open into a million droplets
Of riotous rain

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