I have built this city with my bare hands
I have poured crushed cement
Onto these crumbling sidewalks
And laid bricks under the angry sun
I have poured seething black tar
Into these potholes- holes big enough
To cover entire city blocks
Filling it to the brim with the visions
Of my ancestors
I have drained vast swamps
Sifting through the murky sediment
Of this insatiable life, searching
For something original
I have glimpsed the underbelly
Of my cookie-cutter design
While draining my bones
On the weary banks of your torment
Accepting your mockery
Like an exquisitely wrapped present
I have waited patiently for a sign
From you, my angel
To catch your lights flashing towards me
So I can finally accept your blessing
Of love, in its rarest form
Of truth- in its purest kind
Of peace- in its simplest brand
I have built this city with my bare hands
But, I see that I still have to erect
A staircase towards your heavens
I still have to design a bridge
Across your vast blue oceans
I still have to find a way
To deliver my state into your paradise


When you strip the threads
Little by little
To reveal what is raw and red
Do you see it, my love?
Raising its tiny pink paw
Wanting to claim all the little pieces
Of your nothingness
Do you watch it?
Slowly making a proper right turn
Towards your innards
Or maybe even nearer to your heart
Spinning a silken web
Around your exotic curves
Selling its bare naked dreams
Underneath your baby blue sheets
Surrendering its love in your golden color
Or can you just hear it?
Saying yes to everything alive
That is painstakingly stalking your soul
Yet openly renouncing your cry
Can you feel it?
Wanting to own the dusty corners
Of your vast emptiness
Until your hole becomes its whole
And its dreams irrevocably transforming
Your dormant state
Into a marvelous recreation


In the marrow
Of my eternal discomfort
There lies a shallow breath
Unwilling to leave the gullet
Lingering like an ancient echo
It reverberates for miles and miles
Within the narrow slopes
Of my skeleton
Carrying the complete wisdom
Of my everlasting desire- a yearning so vast
That even the ocean shrinks
At the thought
In all of the days
Of my tedious existence
To address its precious origins
I’ve been using a strange moniker
That none could decipher
I’ve been calling for it by a word
So unworthy
That it did not dare to face me
Until now…

Tonight, I called it by your name
And, blood rushed to the head
When it finally turned
Towards me