When you strip the threads
Little by little
To reveal what is raw and red
Do you see it, my love?
Raising its tiny pink paw
Wanting to claim all the little pieces
Of your nothingness
Do you watch it?
Slowly making a proper right turn
Towards your innards
Or maybe even nearer to your heart
Spinning a silken web
Around your exotic curves
Selling its bare naked dreams
Underneath your baby blue sheets
Surrendering its love in your golden color
Or can you just hear it?
Saying yes to everything alive
That is painstakingly stalking your soul
Yet openly renouncing your cry
Can you feel it?
Wanting to own the dusty corners
Of your vast emptiness
Until your hole becomes its whole
And its dreams irrevocably transforming
Your dormant state
Into a marvelous recreation

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