I have built this city with my bare hands
I have poured crushed cement
Onto these crumbling sidewalks
And laid bricks under the angry sun
I have poured seething black tar
Into these potholes- holes big enough
To cover entire city blocks
Filling it to the brim with the visions
Of my ancestors
I have drained vast swamps
Sifting through the murky sediment
Of this insatiable life, searching
For something original
I have glimpsed the underbelly
Of my cookie-cutter design
While draining my bones
On the weary banks of your torment
Accepting your mockery
Like an exquisitely wrapped present
I have waited patiently for a sign
From you, my angel
To catch your lights flashing towards me
So I can finally accept your blessing
Of love, in its rarest form
Of truth- in its purest kind
Of peace- in its simplest brand
I have built this city with my bare hands
But, I see that I still have to erect
A staircase towards your heavens
I still have to design a bridge
Across your vast blue oceans
I still have to find a way
To deliver my state into your paradise

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