Gotham’s Phobia

It is fear
Of losing sight of your warm smile
On a cold winter day
Earnestly repurposing the things which
I’ve rightfully owned
That has kept me alive, all this time
Fear of being leveled to the ground
By your charity
That has kept me trembling, uncontrollably
Like a quake
It is fear of drowning in your onyx ocean
That has honed my craft of insolence
Flapping my arms at this blessed altar
Through a series of repetitive shifts
moving my lips like a mantra
It is fear
Of never being found by you
That has kept me bouncing off these walls
Lighting up like a pinball each time we touch
Inside your purple maze
Whenever the moon shines bright, like a sun
Illuminating the fringes of this mediocre cell
Casting giant grey shadows across
All that I’ve become
I realize with a twinge that it is fear
Of not loving you enough
That has kept me breathing
It is fear of losing you forever
That has kept me going, all this time
Rocking my spirit in a perpetual motion
Of forward momentum
Making me prostrate at your feet, willingly
Night after night

3 thoughts on “Gotham’s Phobia

  1. rakhi

    Lets publish the Kumar Poetry. I am serious. Lets consolidate and make sense of it. What do you say?
    depth is awesome. Words remind me of Rumi!

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