…they peer into the mouth
Of this mythical creature
To count its teeth, one by one
They will be abstracted by the perfect angles
Of its wisdom
Jutting out like blades of white topaz
Between the gums
When they write the news story
Of its ultimate discovery
There will be more questions than answers
About its origins
There will be more why’s than how’s
Regarding the humble beginnings of a giant
There will be stern demands
Calling for its validation
As they struggle to find the right words
To describes its dubious existence
There will be more silent nods of endorsement
And secret handshakes, commemorating
Its miraculous survival
When they finally think they comprehend
The method to its madness
They will shudder at the revelation
Of its preserved integrity
They will be awed by the sheer number
Of sharp incisors
Lining perfectly like presents
Against the jawbone
And, when…

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