It wasn’t until my heart repeatedly
Snuck into the crook of your neck
And I inhaled the delicate scent of desire
That I felt sure again
Underneath the growing mass of adoration
Generating the heat of a million stars
I knew this is where I rest before
The sun comes calling
It wasn’t until my fingers intentionally
Locked into yours like a chain link fence
Fighting against the natural instincts to flee
That I felt safe again
Surrendering to the depths of eternity
Kindling the thrill of discovery
I knew this is where I launch
To find myself again
It wasn’t until I unwrapped the presents
-Even the bullions of blackness
And wagons of baggage-
That you brought me
That I became born again
Diving head first into the pool
Of massive devotion
Drenched in the caramel of dreams
I know this is where I end
And we begin

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