(P)Lease Life

The skin is burning, love
Longing for your wet nose
And the spine tingles restlessly
From the burdens I have borne
I would give you my insides
And anything else I could lose
To lease a brand new life for you
I would stitch you up like a ragdoll
With my raw nerves
Combing all the little clots
With my brittle nails
Just to get you out of hiding
I would give you my all
To catch you waiting by my window
Without a care in the world
Doing figure eights around my tail
But, the heart is heavy, love
Stabbing like a thousand knives
Unwilling to read your fortune
I want you to curl into my right side
Like you always do
Purring your secrets into my soul
Night after night
Slowly going under cover
Until you rescue me

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