Instead of playing I was planning for the day
When I would lose it all again
Like a mad woman, begging life
To stop ignoring me, I was moving my seat around
Making room for more and more
Urging the good bits to catch up with me
In all the voices except my own
But, when I found you vying in the middle
For the one thing that finally mattered
I was running out warnings
I was exhausting everyone’s words
I was ready to jump
Even though I had lost my wings
But, instead of falling I began to float
Somehow lighter, I was carried by the great wind
Sadness slips in through the creaks, so naturally
Like a master of this old house…
Why does it take me so long to root this joy?
Maybe around the bend there are untold horrors
Relishing in my greatest loss
And unimaginable secrets lurking in delight
Waiting to break my heart
But, this pleasure, today, this flight
This is my writing on the wall

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