Musical Chairs

Unable to face the music
I kept tracing my fingernails
Around the edges of your bruise
Hoping to feel the cipher
Hidden inside your bump
But, it eluded me like a lucid dream
Unwilling to reveal itself until the bitter end

When I watched your skin stretch tautly
Beyond its natural limits- sideways
and forward– hardening slowly
Into a massive hole, I knew
Time had forsaken me
So, I bargained with the Universe
One last time, in a heightened pitch
Begging for another miracle
To save me
But, I had run out of chairs, my love
And the music had stopped playing
Only my ears were still ringing
With the sound of your voice saying,
I’ve rescued you.

All I can do now is keep surrendering
Into your unconditional love
Remembering everything you’ve taught me
Over and over again
Like an ocean searching for a bay…

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