Somehow you made me believe
That I was a fish with feet
Waltzing to the sound of bubbles
Before I was even a recognizable thing
You tucked my tail into a bow
And watched me stumble
Somehow you turned my life outside in
And downside up
Teaching me to disobey, deliberately
Each and every instinct
Insisting on riding low
Piggy backing like a quack
Popping like bubble wrap
With feet crisscrossing above my hips
Even though you didn’t mean to choke
Your white knuckles cracked like clay
Around my neck
Dislodging the truth
Permanently stuck in my throat
Somehow I still have a memory
Of your malice
Under water, even while covered in algae
Somehow I can still trace your silk route
Right through my heart and into my gills
Inside the stickiness of my marrow
And the sweetness of my sorrow
Disguised in a shade of pure gold
As I swim around in circles
Shimmering like a fish

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