CatsI stared at the screen for a long time today, not knowing where to begin. It’s been a long time since this nightly ritual that it’s taking me awhile to find the right words. But, I know they will come… they always do and I have to be patient. I can only tell the stories that want to be told. In the meantime, I have to dust off my insecurities and step into the unknown and let my fingers do the talking.

So much has happened in the last two years. Let’s see, I met a boy, started a new job, lost a beloved pet, gained two beautiful Siamese kittens cats in her place, did I say, I met a boy?!- he’s wonderful!, bought a house with this boy, moved to the burbs and turned into a genuine morning person! It’s been a whirlwind, but thrilling, nonetheless. I’ve come to believe in Rumi’s quote, What you seek is seeking you! It may very well become our family’s motto! I may even tattoo it on my forehead.

It’s hard to believe that in just a few months I went from living alone in a tiny apartment in NYC to owning a beautiful home with a backyard on Long Island. I HAVE A BACKYARD! Let’s soak that in for a minute. I’m a homeowner. It’s the bee’s knees, really! And, I’ve started gardening. More on that later.

And, then there is the boy man. He’s everything I’ve wanted in a partner. He is funny and gorgeous and he makes this beautiful life possible. TeamRobsen! This photo is from one of our very first dates almost 2 years ago and even now it makes me smile.

him2I’ve often complained that it’s hard to write with so much good in my life. When things were terrible difficult, the words poured out like a river. I’d learned every word in the dictionary to describe my loneliness, but none for joy. As life improved the words began to fade. How ironic?!

To write about love, you must know what it feels like to have your heart torn apart. To write about happiness, you must fathom the depths of utter misery. To write about rage, you must experience inner peace. It’s all a balancing act!

It’s time to start loving this blog again. We love here is a great name for this old gal, don’t you think? Life is full of promises and every day is a new adventure as a homeowner, pet-owner, newcomer, gardener and commuter. There is so much to love here… WE LOVE HERE!

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