Love is our mother…


My mother’s life continues to be remarkable… No one should have to endure as much as she has, yet, she lives to talk about it. She is truly inspiring! There is a greater purpose to her life that is yet to unfold, I’ve no doubt. If you’re just joining this blog, you can find out more about what happened here.
As the youngest of 5, my mom had a storybook childhood with the entire family, especially dad, doting on her constantly. There was a story I’d heard once of an actual silver bowl which was commissioned for my mom, while the rest of the family received regular plates. Imagine the scene, if you will, during dinner time with my mom eating out of a silver bowl?! Ha, she was and still is fit for royalty! When she was 10, sadly, this seemingly idyllic life comes to a screaming halt as her dad suddenly passed away from a heart attack leaving behind a family of 5 women and an only boy. The Little Women reference doesn’t escape me, but somehow I doubt their lives were as glamorous. Nonetheless, my uncle, who was just a boy himself, was forced to work manual labor just to put food on the table. Before my grandfather dies though, he shares a dream with my mom, which will become her life’s obsession.
My grandfather was a man of great ambition and he wants great things for his girls. His hopes are centered around education and he wants my mother to become a doctor. After his death, his dream becomes her dream and she dedicates her youth to pursuing this dream.
In so many ways, my mother’s life begins when she meets my dad, who is another doctor, like herself, in the neighborhood. He is also a man of great aspirations, and it’s not hard to see why they fell for each other. It is he who shows her the finer things in life. They get married, travel abroad, have a bunch of bratty amazing kids, finally settle in America and lived happily ever after…
I wish I could end the story in such a way, but there were so many trials along the way and several setbacks and I need to connect these stories and weave them into a novel or a screenplay, if I am to do any justice to my mother’s legacy. Today, when I think of this remarkable woman, my mom, who has been through hell and back, surviving against all odds, relearning the skills needed to survive the rest of her life… I’m filled with heart bursting pride and emotion. I’m grateful for her strength, for it picks me up. I’m grateful for her love, for it sustains me. I’m grateful for her survival, for it has rebirthed me. Her life is my message!

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