Home wasn’t built in a day! – Part 3

My parents had a wild streak in them… and I’m pretty sure that’s where I get it from. When I was 2 years old, they decided to move to Africa. I still remember the house we lived in… there was a tire swing in my yard and our neighbor had a farm! I would jump across trenches with the neighborhood kids to steal eat peas from his farm. It was a surreal time. When I was 4, we moved back to India. When I was 10, they talked about moving to the Island of Seychelles or Guyana or Australia, but we never did. Our home in India was grand and it became the hub of the entire family. We had a constant stream of family and friends visiting us weekly… Oh what fond memories I have of those halcyon days!

My parents had a sense of adventure and when I was 14 they decided to come to America, and we’ve lived here ever since… We moved around a lot during the first few years in America, and by the time they were ready to put down roots, I was off to college. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that not having a home- a sense of permanency and stability- in my adolescent years has had a lingering effect on my adulthood.

When my partner and I decided to buy a home, I knew that I didn’t want a starter home. I wanted a home that would grow with us… a fixer-upper with loads of potential. Some place where we can put down roots and belong to a community. A piece of property that is large enough for the whole family, yet, small enough for the two of us. This house fits all of those requirements. I often find myself saying, I’ll never move again, and, that’s a great feeling!

So, as promised, here are the before and after photos… I hope you can get a sense of why I love this place so much!

Living Room- This room was in fairly good shape. We removed the a/c unit from the wall and gave the room a soothing coat of paint- Tranquility from Benjamin Moore and it’s one of those colors that changes from grey to green with the light. You can’t see here, but the floors were stained a cool shade of grey and the dhuri rug from Amazon was a great find! We like a lot of color, so there is an explosion happening here, but somehow it all goes together.

Downstairs Bathroom- Oh, what an eye sore this tiny bathroom was with the blue tub and toilet and mismatched vanity.  I shudder just thinking about it. A fresh coat of Benjamin Moore Weston Flax, really livened up this small bathroom. We professionally refinished the bathtub and changed out the toilet and vanity! How many people can say that they’ve installed a toilet? We feel especially proud of this makeover.

Kitchen/ Dining- The biggest transformation was seen in this room. I have fond memories on my 38th birthday ripping out that ugly wallpaper and I promised myself, I will never consider wallpaper for any of the rooms ever! We took down the closet, which completely opened up the dining room and gave us a place for that gorgeous hutch. It was a hand-me down from a family friend and a few coats of paint and distressing later, it’s my favorite piece of furniture in our home. That lovely blue carpet was next to go and beneath it was beautiful hardwood floors which we matched to the living room grey color. When we first moved in, I was adamant about wanting to change the blue Formica counter tops, but after all the changes, somehow they just blend in now. The walls are Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue and it’s a crisp blue color that pulls the whole room together. The edison bulb “Spider” chandelier was another neat find on Amazon. It adds an eclectic touch to this traditional room.
PhotoGrid_1439764342706 PhotoGrid_1439765983438PhotoGrid_1439764476627

*Disclaimer: the entire upstairs was done with a help of a professional.

Master Bedroom- Holy wood paneling! It’s amazing what a coat of paint will do! Benjamin Moore- Angelica is a soothing pale purple with a touch of grey. It’s not too feminine and gives the room some much needed softness. We ripped down the shelves and made room for our king sized bed. The drop ceiling was next to go, revealing those wonderful beams. Once I saw them, I couldn’t let them go… so we painted it white to blend in with the ceiling. Our bedroom feels like tree house. The $50 mosquito netting from Bed Bath & Beyond transforms an otherwise ordinary room into a delightful retreat! The builtin desk in the nook, makes this room functional at the same time. If I could, I would never leave this room. It really is my dream bedroom!
PhotoGrid_1439765152386 PhotoGrid_1439765291455PhotoGrid_1439765683137

Upstairs Bathroom- You can’t see it here, but his bathroom was beyond gross. It was smelly and grimy. We chose Benjamin Moore- Sanctuary for this room. I had read that it was the color most used in spas, and it really does give a spa like feeling in that tiny bathroom. It is a greyish lavender but it’s more sophisticated than any lavender I’ve ever seen. It’s such a lovely color! We updated all the fixtures and the updated pedestal sink gives it a nice vintage appeal.

Bedroom #2 – A fresh coat of paint Moonshine by Benjamin Moore gives this room character. It’s another chameleon color mixed with grey, green and some taupe. We exposed the ceiling in this room too which gives it an airy feel.

Bedroom #3 – Benjamin Moore to the rescue, again. This time the color was called Going to the Chapel. It is a pale green with grey and yellow undertones. This is currently set up as our guest room. The queen bed is a steal for $200 on craigslist and it comes with a pull out trundle bed and memory foam mattresses. It can sleep 3 easily and fits perfectly in that little room.

There you have it… our charming cape cod! Our total budget for all the professional work was around $10,000, which included all the fixtures and labor. But, the hours of work, advice and support given by our family has been priceless. We couldn’t have done any of this without their help and we’re so grateful!

Home is not a place… it’s a feeling! Our home has a special feeling and we hope to love here for a long, long time!

Share your before and after pictures in the comments and tell us what you think of ours!

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