Baby Lelan- 14 Weeks!

wpid-wp-1446657653023.jpgHow far along? 14 weeks! Baby Lelan is the size of a lemon weighing just 1.5 ounces and measuring 3.5 inches long. He can now squint, frown, grimace, pee (thanks dude!) and possibly suck his thumb. How cool!

Total weight gain/loss: 7 lbs. I’m definitely starting to show and my friends have started noticing my belly! The other day, a man got up to give me his seat on the train, without any prompting. Winning!

Activity: I’m not doing any exercises other than walking to and from the subway station. Hoping to find a good prenatal yoga class to attend during the weekends…

Symptoms: Very mild heartburn, fatigue, and some sharp round ligament pain as everything is stretching. Sleep is still my best friend. Even when I wake up in the middle of the night, I fall right back asleep. Thank you, God!

Movement: Nothing consistent yet. Felt some weird bubbles last week, but I’m wondering if I’m imagining things. I’m hoping to feel him move sooner rather than later!

Food cravings: None at the moment. During the early days, all I wanted was South Indian Food. I craved, aviyal, paruppu usili and lemon rice. But, one week with my parents cured my Indian addiction and ever since then, the idea of food… any food is just blah. I have no cravings for anything, so whenever I feel like eating anything, I don’t hold back. I eat everything in moderation, of course, smaller meals throughout the day. I eat at least three servings of fruit in between meals to hold me over.

Highlight of the week: Hearing baby Lelan’s heartbeat at the doctor’s office and seeing him squirm around. He’s a mover and shaker just like his parents! Also, learning that my doctor has privileges at a local birthing center! Best news ever.

Looking forward to: Someone once told me that you only need 3 things in life… Something to do, Someone to love and Something to look forward to… Having a baby is like all three in one! It’s incredible! I’m looking forward to feeling the baby move and spending a quiet weekend at home with my loved ones.

Weekly wisdom:

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