Baby Lelan- 15 Weeks

wpid-wp-1447436231572.jpgHow far along? 15 weeks! Baby Lelan is the size of an apple weighing 2.5 ounces and 5 inches long. His lungs are developing by pumping amniotic fluid and his arms and legs are finally catching up to his big head. This kid is already preparing himself for a life outside the womb!

Total weight gain/loss: 9 or 10lbs maybe… who’s counting? J Thankfully the scale in the break-room at work is broken. I’ve started doing some light yoga and deep stretching at home.

Symptoms: My body is stretching in places which I never knew could stretch. My feet are achy. I’ve woken up with swollen feet a couple of days this week and at the moment trying to avoid catching a cold.

Movement: I feel him every day now… my son is a little busy bee! As I type this, he is doing aerobics inside my belly.

Cravings: Wendy’s chicken nuggets call for me every night, but I’ve been very good. I only give in to it once a month. Earlier in the week I made a yummy Moroccan dish with couscous, it smelled divine, but when I tasted it I felt like gagging. 😦 Rob says it’s amazing and is happy to eat the rest of it. I can eat yogurt rice with mango pickle and bananas all day long. I used to make fun of Rob for eating so many bananas and now it looks like the joke is on me!

Best moments this week: Wow, there are so many! Diwali, so extra blessings all around! Learning that my mom started walking was the best news ever! C’mon grandma, we need you for daily walks! Spending time with Rob’s mom and grandma and seeing their excitement was priceless. Wow, you’re so loved, kiddo! Finding the perfect nursery blanket and rug to fit our theme… It was on sale! And, getting my sister to guest blog on this site. Her advice was spot on!

Looking forward to: Finding something to eat… seriously, I miss wanting food. Finding a fitness regimen I can stick to. And, start decorating the nursery!

Weekly wisdom: I have been thinking a lot about life after baby and how Rob and I are going to cope. We are both such creatures of habit and it will surely be an adjustment until we find our new normal. This quote summarizes all that I’ve been feeling…


4 thoughts on “Baby Lelan- 15 Weeks

      1. Robyn Jones

        Life is about coming back to who we really are underneath all the ideals and beliefs we have gathered over the years. Stripping all this away takes commitment and is totally worth it!

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