A letter to my son…

My dearest boy,

The very first item I bought for you, as soon as I found out I was pregnant, was a pair of curtains on eBay for $12. You will find out soon enough that eBay is great! People will sell perfectly good, functioning items, some with tags still on them, at a fraction of a price on eBay. If you take the time to research you can really find some treasures. I love to bargain shop! More on that later… 🙂

wpid-wp-1447960296464.jpgThese curtains that I bought for your room have little Indian elephants marching in a parade with whimsical arches and little red flowers… they’re precious! I love elephants! They are majestic, yet gentle souls. They say, an elephant never forgets and can listen with their feet, and that’s just a couple of reasons why I love them so much. I can’t wait to read to you about elephants; maybe we will go on a safari when you’re older?! I digress. You will find out soon enough that I digress a lot. These curtains look brand new, but I know they were probably hung in a kid’s room for years. Still, it makes me happy to think that they have found a new home with us where they will be cherished for a little while longer. Always remember that just because something is old, it doesn’t mean it’s worthless. With a little imagination and creativity, we can breathe new life into almost anything. As I look around our home, I see so many such transformations and I can’t wait to show you the power of your imagination when you’re ready.

The other day, your father and I were talking about our hopes for you, and we both agreed that there are only two things that we want for you… to be kind and confident. We want you to charge boldly into this world knowing that anything is possible. Make mistakes, push boundaries, run towards life with wild abandon, question everything! The world is your oyster, my love, and it needs leaders who aren’t afraid of their own shadows! Your father and I will be there to correct you and set you straight, should you ever need it. That’s our job and one we take seriously. We will never limit you to our silly hopes and dreams, but will always be there cheering you on. We want to see you succeed at your highest potential as a human being, whatever that might be. And, it will be our greatest joy to nurture your gifts.

We want you to grow up to be kind and compassionate towards all beings, not just humans. The only way we can teach you that is by being kind and compassionate ourselves. The world needs lovers and peacemakers desperately and your generation will have a heavy burden of making things right. Go ahead and love the world unconditionally. Don’t be afraid to have your heart broken, it will heal, I promise. Have the courage to spread joy wherever you go and choose happiness every single day.  Never miss an opportunity to say a kind word or share a warm hug… everyone needs a hug, especially me! You will find out soon enough that love, and love alone, matters in this world.

But, little one, the world is vast and getting scarier by the minute. There are genuine bad guys out there, and as your mom, every fiber in my being wants to protect you against those negative elements. It makes sense that I bought those curtains for you as a first gesture. I wish I could pull the curtains close and shun all the bad in the world, but I can’t. I wish I could eliminate all the threats that could potentially harm you along the way, but I can’t. None of us are immune to pain and suffering. I’m no God. You will find out soon enough that I’m only a mortal. But, I will teach you about all the Gods, yes plural, that you can call upon in your hour of need. I will teach you about prayer and how to have a dialogue with God. He’s omnipresent and always there to listen to your heart, no matter how small your yearning. I will teach you how to navigate through life’s perils using your brain and wit. Your father is the funniest man I know and I swear he will make you laugh every day! I will teach you to read, to seek out knowledge about those things that you don’t yet know or find hard to understand… You will find out soon enough that there is much you won’t understand about the world!

Whatever happens, my son, we’re a unit. My mother used to say that when I was a child and it has just stuck with me. Your grandmother is an amazing woman with great determination and she once told me that the reason why she never shared her dreams for me was because she didn’t want to stifle me. What a selfless thought, still I wish she had confided in me… so that I could’ve at least tried to become the kind of daughter she had yearned for. But, with you and I, a new chapter awaits to be written and with this first letter I open the door to a different kind of love between mother and child- one that doesn’t expect, but asks freely for what it needs.

I can’t wait to meet you!

Your Mom

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