The days are long…


Have you ever heard the saying, the days are long, but the years are short? That is how it feels right about now. I’m almost 18 weeks pregnant! I’m almost half way there… it’s mind boggling how quickly this pregnancy is passing by. Most of the days, I’m okay with it. But, when I think of how quickly life changes, I can’t help but feel melancholy.

Yesterday, there was a moment when I allowed myself to feel… sad. It was probably a case of the hormones, but suddenly there I was feeling raw and vulnerable, wishing I was home with my parents. Sometimes, you just miss your family. Yesterday was my dad’s birthday and about 30 or so of our close friends and family got together at a local restaurant to celebrate with him. My siblings were so sweet to post lots of pictures on Facebook, but that only made me feel worse. Here’s the point of this rambling, every day we get to choose between happiness or… something else. The opposite of happiness isn’t always sadness, sometimes it’s lonliness, or envy, or indifference. Still, we get to choose how we feel at any given moment. We can either let life suck us in or choose to rise above it, like a surfer riding a giant wave.

Feelings are so subjective aren’t they? Change your surroundings, change your mood. If you’re one of those people who love to rearrange your room often, then you know what I’m taking about. While this is good advice in general, being pregnant adds an extra layer of responsibility towards yourself and your unborn baby. Your thoughts and feelings, whether good or bad, can have an effect on your baby. “Negativity or positivism during pregnancy can alter neural development and affect genetic expression, according to new research in the field of epigenetics.” The field of epigenetics is rather new and at first glance may seem somewhat hokey, but according to neuroscientists, it’s the next frontier when it comes to understanding how life is created in the womb. “It is biologically impossible for a gene to operate independently of its environment: genes are designed to be regulated by signals from their immediate surround,” says Daniel Goleman, in Social Intelligence. The international bestseller continues, “…some of which, in turn, are profoundly influenced by our social interactions.”

So, as it turns out having a positive attitude is the best thing you can do for your baby. So, the next time you find yourself angry or sad or stressed out, why not go for a walk to clear your mind instead of wrestling with negative emotions? Surround yourself with positive imagery. Meditate on beautiful thoughts. Unleash your oxytocin. “Your thoughts and words are literally made into flesh,” says Deepak Chopra, “Every experience has an impact on your biology.” His solution is to consciously “choose your experiences.” Sounds good to me!

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