Baby Lelan- 18 Weeks!

wp-1449243983848.jpgHow far along? I’ve slacked off for a couple of weeks, but I’m exactly 18 weeks today! Baby Lelan is the size of a sweet potato weighing 7 ounces and 5.5 inches long. He’s growing like he should and is already yawning, hiccupping, sucking and swallowing! I can feel him move a lot, but no kicks or punches yet. Thank you, sweet boy!

Total weight gain/loss: I’ve stopped counting and started embracing my curves. Everyone tells me I’m carrying beautifully. I have a new found appreciation for what my body is going through. Growing a human is pretty damn hard and I’m amazed by what I am capable of!

Symptoms: My first trimester was a breeze compared to this one. This trimester is definitely dragging a bit. I’m more tired than I have ever been in my life. I can sleep anywhere and through anything. I still have no appetite and my body is in a continuous knot. If I can get through the day, then I feel quite accomplished!

Food cravings: Everything I thought I knew or expected about being pregnant has been wrong when it comes to food. I’ve had zero cravings. I have no appetite for real food, other than fruits. I’m going through my 2nd meat aversion phase… Like I said before, I miss wanting food! I eat because I have to and I’m always hungry, but nothing tastes exceptionally good.

Best moments this week: Finding out that Lelan will have another cousin to play with this summer!!! BEST NEWS EVER! This is such a wonderful time of the year for our family! Over the weekend, we decorated our home for the holidays and really got into it! Our cats have pretty much left the tree alone, which surprised me quite a bit. I was sure they would be attracted to shiny, sparkly things…but no, they are very good kitties! When I turn on the light, they love to lie next to it and bask in the glow. Last week, during my anatomy scan, I got to see my baby in high definition. He’s perfect!

Looking forward to: My birthday in a couple of weeks! Having a birthday around the holidays is such a jip. I get one big present, if any, so not fair! And, there are so many holiday parties that my birthday just gets lost in all of it. This is my last birthday as an irresponsible adult. Haha! This time next year, I’ll be a mom and I can’t think of any present that could top that!

Weekly wisdom:


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