A Facebook rant in 7 memes

1. Proclaiming your undying love for your partner… C’mon no one, except your partner, needs to know how awesome they are. Try texting. Seriously!


2. Stop spreading junk… No, Facebook is not going to give you free money and you won’t experience a miracle after reposting. Try praying instead.


3. #Hashtags… I’m so guilty of this! #sorrynotsorry


4. Wanting to dislike a post so badly… Ah, every.single.day!


5. Attention seekers… You know who you are! Please stop.


6. I do this everytime… I’m selfless like that! When all I want to say is, too bad your poor spelling ruined a perfectly witty post. Also, if you think you’re and your means the same, then you might need to retake 3rd grade english.


7. Saving the best for last! I just can’t take the hate and bigotry disguised as patriotism in today’s politics. I know I should ignore them and save my sanity, but ignoring doesn’t make the ignorance go away.


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