I Love Dr. Google!

Do you remember what life was like before Dr. Google? I don’t…

With this pregnancy now in full force I find myself consulting the internet for every little thing.  Let’s face it, some things are just too embarrassing to ask another human being…

Here are my top searches this week…

How much weight should I gain in the 3rd trimester?Ryan Gosling

So far I’ve gained 25 lbs mostly in my belly, boobs and butt. Everywhere else, I look the same. My body is the shape of a pear… I kid you not! The weight continues to climb and honestly, I’ve stopped counting. I’m fully committed to this experience. According to Dr. Google, I should expect to gain a pound a week from here on out. Bring it on!

Should I be tracking my baby’s movements?

Apparently there are apps and websites dedicated to this phenomenon. Dr. Google says I should be monitoring my baby’s movement in the womb and recording them every day during the 3rd trimester. I downloaded a mobile app and tried to track it for a day, but it’s waaay too confusing. According to this website I should be counting up to 10 kicks a day to start building a bond with my baby.

7d45ac9cdbce084392d40b54ad39ed5cHow can I relieve my lower back pain?

It’s just in the last couple of weeks that I’ve started feeling aches and pains and it doesn’t surprise me one bit with all the extra weight I’m carrying. If you’re not already stretching, now is a good time start. Here are some wonderful stretches to incorporate into your nightly routine. I’ve been doing them with amazing results.

How do you fail a glucose screening test?

I had the dreaded glucose screening test earlier this week and let me tell you I was unprepared when the nurse called me to tell me I’d failed. What do you mean I failed? Does this mean I’m diabetic? Is my baby okay? Before I could formulate my questions, the nurse was asking me to come back for another test. Thankfully, Dr. Google came to my rescue. A blood sugar that is equal to or less than 140mg/dL 1 hour after drinking the glucose solution is considered normal. And, more importantly, 2 out of 3 women who fail the 1hr test come back to pass the extended 3hr tolerance test and most do NOT have gestational diabetes.

What’s up with these crazy pregnancy dreams?

Ryan Sleep

I never wanna wake up from this dream!

No one ever talks about this, but your subconscious goes into overdrive when you’re pregnant. I’ve been sleeping poorly, except for 1 day this week when I slept a solid 8hrs without waking. It was amazing! But, my dreams have been strange, unsettling and weirdly erotic. Some are borderline supernatural with angels and demons… I will spare you the details, but whoa! Apparently this is quite normal.

What strange things are you googling these days?

disclaimer: There are a lot of crazy, scary things online, so don’t believe everything you read and if you’re doubtful or simply freaking out, please call your doctor.

2 thoughts on “I Love Dr. Google!

  1. baconburpsandburpees

    Good stuff! My wife and I are approaching our 3rd Trimester. I like the part about stretching. I am a big advocate for staying in average shape (I’m no fitness model or anything like that). A book I am reading says fit mom have an easier time during labor. I guess their bodies better handle the physical stresses of child birth. Wish you the best!

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