Hmmmm… Say What?

pregnant1Here are some things people have said to me in the last few weeks that has made me chuckle. I’m not a person who is easily offended, so none of this really bothered me that much. Something about seeing a pregnant belly makes people open up in wildly inappropriate and mildly funny ways. I think it’s the circle of life thing that makes strangers feel sentimental… But, I do admire the courage of these people to be able to say such things to a uber pregnant woman… a complete stranger, at that! Rock on!

7. Hey, pregnancy sounds great! You can do anything you want, anywhere with little to no consequences.
Are you sure about that? I’v e been growing a human being for the last 9 months. I can’t drink or eat what I want. I have no control over my bodily functions or my mood or my energy levels. Can I really do anything I want without suffering the consequences?

6. You look like a oompa loompa  in those pants.
Are you kidding me? I’m 8 months pregnant and nothing fits. My clothes wear me, not the other way around. 

5. Oh, that feeling when your milk starts to come in and your baby starts to nurse… it’s like nothing else.
Yeah, well this sounds mildly erotic and it’s making me uncomfortable… Make it stop!

4. Are you still eating that?
Seriously? My stomach has shrunk so much that I’m full after 2 bites, and my hormones have rendered my appetite non-existent. I have no cravings. But, if you want to eat off my plate, go right ahead…

3. OMG. You’re soooo huge. You look like you’re going to pop!
Not quite… I still have 6 weeks to go, but thanks for noticing. And, NO I’m not a balloon.

2. Are you leaking yet?
Yes, I am… Oh dear God, yes I am in places I never knew I would and no one warned me about it. But, did you really want to know? Look who’s gross now?

1. For some reason, I feel like you’re always going to look like this.
Yes, I will always look 8 months pregnant even after I’ve given birth. Like, forever ever. 

As I see it, there is a choice to be made here. I can either get worked up and get all protective about my body or just laugh out loud. You can guess where my head’s at. Sadly, we live in a hyper sensitive world where anything can be taken the wrong way. People are quick to jump to conclusions and offended by the silliest things.

C’mon pregnant people, it’s just an observation. Just words. No one is judging your lifestyle or trying to wound your sensibilities… unless they are, in which case all bets are off. Sure, it can be annoying to always have to field questions about your pregnancy, but people are just tying to relate and most comments are harmless, well intended and somewhat endearing, even.

So, the next time your colleague, or a stranger makes an offhanded comment, instead of reacting poorly why not give them the benefit of the doubt?

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