Time is elastic

The excitement in our house is palpable… We are truly in the home stretch and everyone is on high alert. Any day now there will be a signal, a gentle nudge from mother nature, that initiates an ancient ritual that women have performed over eons. My body knows the steps and I simply need to follow its lead. I’m not in control of any of it yet, I hold the reigns and it feels strangely empowering, no matter how things play out in the end, to realize that I’m following in the footsteps of my ancestors. I’m fulfilling my role in the history of evolution in the propagation of my species. I’m merely a cog in this colossal design.

Last weekend a thoughtful collection of friends, family and well wishers, both young and old, congregated to celebrate my journey. I was showered with love by these folks who showed up for me and made it count. Next to the uterus, the heart is my favorite organ in the human body, for it expands beyond time and space touching everyone and everything in its wake. Suddenly, strangers feel like family and with a quiet nod my tribe swells with pride. I’m riding on a natural high, fully supported, and feeling confident in my ability to enter into a new realm.

When I began this journey little did I know that many of my decisions would be influenced by instinct. The analytic in me tried to read, absorb as much as I could, but little by little my desire to know was replaced by my desire to… just be. It truly has been a journey inward, accepting whatever is in store for me and being at peace with those things that I cannot control. It has brought me and my partner closer together. We are a team and we have each other’s back. So many couples let their children, once they’re born, become the focus of their lives, and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, I feel very strongly that our partnership should and will always come before everything else. As long as we have each other, we can be whatever we need to be for our kids… for our families… for everyone else.

On Sunday, we finished our last Hypnobabies class in preparation for childbirth and let me tell you, it was worth every penny! We opted for an instructor led course for the following reasons:

  • We wanted a weekly routine to anchor us into this process
  • We wanted to meet and learn from other like-minded couples
  • We wanted to tap into all available local resources through this course

The information itself is quite overwhelming and I’m pretty sure we would’ve been lost had we chosen the self-study course. But, we had a wonderful instructor who kept us focused on what we needed to know and the weekly assignments- homeplay– helped us hone in on the techniques that were taught in class.

The concept of Hypnobabies is nothing new to anyone who is on a spiritual journey. Simply by changing the way we approach something, we have the power to change its outcome. By creating and maintaining a bubble of peace around us at all times, we consciously maintain a positive mind frame throughout our pregnancy and throughout our lives, really. And, by reinforcing positive imagery through daily affirmations we are able to rid the mind of any and all negative associations about pregnancy and giving birth, in general. Mind over matter! Do I think childbirth will be easy? Absolutely not! Do I think it will be pain-free? Not really. But, pain is subjective and pressure is temporary. The goal is to stay relaxed and mindful… to be present in the moment and completely trust the body’s ability to birth naturally.

We spent the rest of the weekend nesting, finishing up odd projects for the nursery, hanging pictures, assembling furniture, resting etc. Almost all of the baby furniture, with the exception of the crib, were donated to us by our friends and I can’t tell you how special that feels! The bassinet, the bouncer, the swing have all held other sweet, happy babies who are already part of our lives. They contain so much history already. We’re beyond blessed to be a part of this community and the beneficiaries of such benevolence! The crib was bought by my mother in law, in keeping with tradition, and it too holds a lot of sentiment. I can’t help but smile everytime I walk past it!

So, for now we wait… for our baby to choose his birthday. In the meantime, we fuss over the details, practice our patience, condition our minds and try to contain our anticipation, knowing fully well that our attempts are futile against the mounting precipice. But, the indeterminate buzz in the air keeps us grounded and we clasp our hands together and repeat… yes. yes. yes. to everything ahead of us!


One thought on “Time is elastic

  1. Donna

    Beautifully said!! I am so happy for the approach you and rob have taken on this journey and only see good things for your future as being mindful and grateful are the ingredients needed to sustain growth on this very special journey called life!! I am honored to be a part of your journey and so look forward to meeting my grandson Lelan!!!

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