Dear Daddy…


I know the first few days after my birth were very stressful, but you were so wonderful by staying positive and helping mommy get through it. You were the first to see me and hold me after I was born. We will always share that bond!

You clean our house religiously, wash my bottles thoroughly, clean my poopy diapers and rock me to sleep into the wee hours of the morning, all without a single grumble. You’re always thinking about my comfort and even after a long day at work, you’re quick to wake up when I cry in the middle of the night!

You make me and mommy laugh like no one else. I love the silly songs you make up whenever you play with me. I look forward to our one on one time in the mornings where you make goofy sounds and funny faces… I can’t wait to be silly with you when I’m a little older.

Thank you for being my daddy. You’re already the best and I love you so much!

Happy belated Father’s Day! I promise to be more prompt next year.


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