Baby Lelan- 3 Months Old!

Dear Lelan,

You are 3 months and 3 days old today. These 90 some odd days with you have been the happiest days of my life! Every day you show me what a marvelous creature you are and already, I’m so proud to be your mommy.


You experienced so many new things this month. To start off, you decided that you no longer wanted to be swaddled. I tried to ease you into the transition by keeping one arm in but you let me know that you were ready by breaking both arms free. I cannot describe the feelings as I watched you sleeping like a big boy. You were barely 9 weeks old!  I sat in your room imagining you as a grown man with a quiet resolve, capable of doing anything he puts his mind to. My heart swells with pride even as I write this…

A week later, your daddy and I took you on your first adventure. We traveled by plane to North Carolina to see your extended family. You screamed your head off until we were about to board, inviting nasty looks from the other passengers, but quietly settled in for the ride once we were airborne. Thank God! In Raleigh, you met all your cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles on my side. You sat with your thatha and paati and showered them with smiles. You stole the heart of your cousins, especially Madden who wouldn’t let go of your hand. Arya on the other hand begged to hold you the entire time, proclaiming that she never wanted to let you go as soon as she got to hold you. Then we drove to Charlotte where you spent the day with your dad’s family. Shane rubbed your forehead and blew kisses in your direction. And, Johanna squealed next to you in her bouncer. All your aunts and uncles simply adored you. You were such an awesome companion on the 2.5 hour car ride each way. And, you handled the return trip back to NY like a pro!

The very next day, you had your first round of immunization shots. Talk about a packed schedule! I postponed my start date at work by a week to make sure I was available if you needed me. But, once again you showed me what a resilient boy you are. Aside from crying at the doctor’s office, you went about your day without much fuss. You were a little cranky right before your bath, but I gave you some children’s Tylenol and you went right to sleep. The next morning you were your usual cheerful self. Such a good boy! At the doctor’s we found out that you are 24″ long and weigh 12.3lbs.

These last couple of weeks have come with its own set of changes. I went back to work and daddy has been watching you in the mornings and grandma in the afternoons. At first you didn’t understand why mommy couldn’t be with you all the time, but once you figured out that I was just in the other room, you started easing into the new normal. In the midst of all this, we’ve been trying to get you to nap regularly and you’re adjusting to all of it beautifully. You now take 3 distinct naps and eat every 4-5 hours for a total of 30-32oz. Most nights you’re asleep by 8pm and you sleep a solid 8-10 hours.

From the beginning you’ve shown me that you’re so much more than just a baby. You’re a little person, with feelings and emotions and not every need or every cry can be cured by sticking a bottle or paci in your mouth. You are a thoughtful, intelligent being who is hard at work trying to process the world around you. You are always trying to communicate your needs to me and I’m learning to meet you at your level. You’re developing at exactly the right pace for your age. I know that most days all you need is my acknowledgement rather than a fix. So, I try to imagine where you’re coming from and try to support you the best way that I can. You have been very patient with your daddy and grandma as they learn about you more intimately. We all love you in our own way and want nothing but the absolute best for you!

Yesterday, you started singing. I know this should probably go into next month’s update but, I just can’t contain myself. You’re a wondrous little human and I’m just loving every minute of your existence!

Your Mom

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