Baby Lelan -4 Months Old! 

Dear Lelan,

How is it already 4 months since I gave birth to you? It feels like yesterday that I was getting ready to welcome you and here you are rolling over and sitting up like a big boy. You are a dream come true, darling! Every morning, you wake up with a big smile, happy to see me and ready to face the world. It’s so infectious! You are still a creature of habit and we’re more than happy to keep up your schedule. Most days are the same with your eating and sleeping patterns and the only time we notice a shift is when you’re going through a developmental milestone. We’re going through the 4 month sleep regression right now… You only fight us during daytime naps and at night you are asleep by 8pm and sleep through the night until 5 or 6am the next morning!


At the end of 3 months a glorious thing happened… You discovered your voice! You started vocalizing non stop and the more you heard your voice, the more you loved it. Your dad and I were beyond excited to hear you ‘sing’. You still do it selectively here and there, when it’s just the three of us. When I play you the classics, like Ella or Etta you intently listen. You absolutely love watching, listening to Tamil song videos on YouTube. You are a talker. After a walk with grandma you love to tell me all about it. If you’re displeased with something, you definitely let me know. Sometimes it sounds like you’re yelling, but I know that’s just your way of communicating and I’m always here to listen and lighten your load.

You’ve started teething already! You drool everywhere and chew on everything. Your aunt Rakhi bought an amber teething necklace for you that you wear almost every day. I think it’s helping… Grandma bought you a couple of teethers and you love chewing on them as well. But, you still prefer your fingers to everything else. I have to constantly remind you to ‘take your fingers out of your mouth’, to which you totally oblige. But, within seconds they are back in your mouth again.. Haha! You’ve stopped sucking on the pacifier except for when you’re tired. It’s a sure sign that your ready for a nap, so it’s a permanent fixture in your crib next to Mr. Whale and Mr. Mouse who are both your sleeping  buddies. You also like Mr. Monkey who likes to travel with you in the car and the stroller. You LOVE books. Grandma has been reading to you almost every day and you watch her with great animation.

You are still very easy going and adjusting to your environment. This month brought a lot of changes. You met Gina, your new babysitter and so far you seem to be taken with her. Grandma still comes over to watch you a couple of afternoons and you just light up for her. You spent your first night away from home at grandma’s house like a big boy. You’re turning out to be such a well adjusted, confidant boy and so much fun to be around! A couple of weeks ago, you rolled over for the first time. At first you were unsure about this new trick, but now you’ve mastered it. I think it’s just a matter of time before you start crawling… We better start baby proofing our home. You also met a new pediatrician this week and handled your 4 month shots like a champ. You only cried for about a minute and once I gave you the sugar water paci, you calmed down instantly.

I’m beyond excited to see what the next month brings. Every day, you’re show me something new and it’s all so fascinating. I’m so lucky to have a front row seat to all your antics. Always remember that I’m just a shout away… Watching you thrive in difficult situations gives me immense pride because that’s all I ever want for you… to be a capable, trusting human being who always finds his joy.

Your Mom

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