Baby Lelan- 5 Months Old!

Dear Lelan,

5 is my lucky number and I hope it will yours too. When I was pregnant, I visualized giving birth on May 5th. The numbers 5/5 had a nice ring to it, but you had your own plans. You made your debut on 5/14… 1+4=5. So, we both got what we wanted. These five months with you have been the most exciting time of my life. If I sound like a broken record, so be it. Sure, your dad and I are sleeping less and working more. Our backs and bodies are constantly at odds with each other… and we’re learning so much about being parents on the go, but somehow our hearts are overflowing with love for you… and this life we’ve created together.


“You have that CRAY loveeee…”  a friend teased the other day. I’m guilty. I’m positively smitten with you. I miss you the second you’re out of my sight. I’ve taken so many photos that my phone has crashed twice already. Some nights, I stand by your crib just to watch you stir. This is more than love. You’re an undeniable extension of me and I carry you with me throughout the day, even when we’re not physically together. You are a sponge. From the open mouth grin to the facial expressions, you mimic your dad and I more and more each day. Lately, you’ve turned into a bit of a daddy’s boy. Maybe because you know that he’s not around all day?! You can’t keep your eyes off of him and get so upset when he leaves the room. It’s adorable to watch. You love watching Winnie the Pooh and Tamil movie songs. You still sing almost every day. We play a lot of different music for you and you listen to it all without any reservation. You don’t say any distinct words, though you mimic a lot of sounds we make. We have you on video saying I love you, which will be my treasured possession for years to come. I’ve probably watched that video a hundred or more times.

Around the 4.5 month mark you started waking up more frequently at night. You’ve always been an excellent sleeper so this made us take note. You were already drinking enough formula so reluctantly, your dad and I decided to start you on solids. The first morning that we gave you a teaspoon of mashed bananas, you ate it as if it was no big deal. I’ve read babies not knowing how to open their mouths or swallow, but you had no such issues. So far, you’ve tried, bananas, avocados, apples, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, pears, green beans, plums and yogurt. Avocados are not your favorite, but as long as it’s mixed with something sweet, you’ll devour it. You are an excellent eater and I love making your food from scratch. The next batch of food will be our little experiment with spices and I can’t wait to introduce you to the wonderful world of flavor. You are still teething like crazy, but nothing has come up yet.

You take every new experience in stride. You rolled over promptly at 4 months and ever since then, you’ve been trying to crawl. Your daddy and I can’t wait for you to become mobile, but please don’t make me regret those words! Lucy and Jack are finally starting to pay attention to you, but they still scatter when they hear you cry. I think Lucy is definitely more interested than Jack. You’re really into textures and love touching their long fluffy tails.

I live for your belly laughs!!! And, I’m able to get you going pretty hard some days. You love getting tickled and bounced up in the air. But, for some reason you don’t laugh as hard when daddy tickles you. We think it’s really funny… I’m constantly bragging about what a good baby you are! You make everything seem so… easy. You’re independent and content, even at such a young age, but whenever you ‘act’ needy, I just soak it up. You’re also fearless, sometimes stubborn but, all in all you’re a dream! I’m LOVING every second of being your mom, darling.

Your Mom!

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