Love Trumps the President!


In the aftermath of this crucial election, I am angry, deflated and disappointed by the outcome. A billionaire businessman convinced a white working class that he was one of them. How did he pull this con??? His hate-filled, fear-inducing, racist rhetoric has resonated with so many Americans that I’m genuinely shattered by their betrayal of our social contract. What has happened to this country? He preyed on people’s fears and won bigly. I’m not okay with that.

Elections matter and the positions we take matter even more now as we contemplate the future. This election had a lot at stake… women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, universal healthcare, wall street regulation, supreme court nomination, securing our borders, bringing jobs back, saving the environment, income equality… these are all very important and personal issues for so many. We’ll probably never know the exact reasons why Trump was more appealing than a seasoned veteran like Clinton. The argument I keep hearing is that it was a referendum against the same-old same-old in Washington, but what puzzles me is why then did they vote the same people into the house and senate???

I’ve always maintained that no matter who wins we must come together after the election, setting aside our differences and work towards perfecting our union. But, how can I reach out for, let alone hold, someone’s hand when I’m not even being acknowledged? How can I let my voice be heard when I’m discounted even before I speak based on my skin color, looks and sex? How can I feel safe when the man holding the highest office in my country has openly and repeatedly legitimized hatred and division? Where we go from here is largely unknown but one thing is for sure… we cannot let hate win. We may have lost the battle, but the war against bigotry, racism, sexism and any and every kind of discrimination is ongoing and we must fight the good fight.

Trump is flawed in so many ways. He’s the sum of everything that’s both good and bad in our society. He is not someone I would choose as a role model for my son, let alone president of my country. But, elections must be respected and he has won decidedly. He’s our president for the next 4 years. I believe Trump wants to be a good President. It’s a legacy issue for him. While it’s impossible to discount everything we’ve heard over the last year and a half as mere campaign rhetoric – red meat- could it be that he was pivoting in his victory speech last night?  The one we’ve all been waiting for throughout his campaign? Is it too little too late? Can he actually become the President for all Americans as he claimed? One can only hope!

There was a time to be cynical…but that time has come and gone. Trump may have taken a very unconventional, controversial route, coveting a subset of the population who were angry, disenfranchised and aching for change, to win. But one could argue that it’s just good politics, though fanning the flames of bigotry is never a righteous path to victory. He outwitted every one of his opponents, pundits and naysayers. He has exceeded our wildest expectations time and time again, so we know he is capable… cunning even. He has an air of unpredictability, which gives him a slight edge over his opponents. If he doesn’t get in his own way by allowing himself to be baited by foreign leaders or become a pawn in the religious wing of his party or feel confined by his own ridiculous promises and statements made throughout the campaign, he has the potential to be a good president… one we can endure for 4 years. But, can someone as impulsive as Trump manage that effectively? Only time will tell!

Still, I’m rooting for him. Unlike how the right treated President Obama, I want to give President Trump a chance to fulfill his destiny. I want nothing more than to be proved wrong about him… because I love this county so much. If he succeeds, America succeeds.

What do you think of this post?

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