Baby Lelan- 6 Months Old

Dear Lelan,

You have spent half a year on this planet already and every single day is a treat. Life has settled into a nice rhythm with you. Most days, you are the clock by which we set our schedule. Your pace is steady and predictable, which makes all of our lives that much easier.You really are the happiest baby on the block! You smile, belly laugh, giggle and grin more than you ever cry. Even on those days when you’re going through growing pains, you make an effort to be happy. Your positive disposition is downright contagious, buddy!


We’re still waiting for your first tooth. I think I’m more traumatized at this point than you are. We’ve had a couple of bad nights where you were in a lot of pain, but hopefully they are few and far in between. You’re still a champ through it all, my darling! You had a little cold last month, but the humidifier helped you recover faster. Other than that, you haven’t had any major health issues. You’ve even handled all your shots without much fanfare, which makes me believe that you have a healthy composition. At your last doctor’s visit you weighed a healthy 17.6lbs and measured 28.5in long.

You are turning into a good eater. You prefer sweet tasting food to savory, just like your daddy, but you’ve yet to taste any processed sugar. You’re still eating purees that I make from scratch and it’s been fun trying our new fruit and veggie combinations. You will try anything once and will definitely let us know if you don’t care for it a second time. You’ve started holding your own bottle. You are starting to self-feed using a mesh and by holding crackers in your hands. Your coordination has improved greatly in the last few weeks.You are my fiercely independent boy and I’m here to help you reach your developmental goals.

You are still into music, especially Tamil movie songs. Our babysitter was amazed at how quietly you played while listening to these songs today. When certain songs come on, you visibly perk up and start bopping your head or clapping your hands. When you go for a walk on the stroller or are getting changed on the changing table, you’ve started tapping the sides with your hand as if you’re hearing a beat. I wonder what song is playing in your head??? Other artists you like are Bill Withers, Michael Jackson and Ella Fitzgerald.

You’re babbling a lot these days… mostly coo’s and vowel sounds. You’ve definitely said dada already. You say yum-yum when you like something and blow raspberries all the time, and repeat/ mimic our sounds whenever you feel like it. You are into books, but would rather eat them than finish reading them. For the most part, you would rather be left alone to play. You don’t like being held and prefer to roll around freely. You’re still not crawling, but you have figured out that you can roll towards your goal… You are a determined boy!

You love being around people but take your time warming up to strangers. As long as I’m holding you, you feel reassured and will flash anyone your brilliant smile. I fully support your nature and encourage you to keep up your guard. The world is a scary place and you have every right to be weary. Your dad and I are committed to never allowing you in a situation where you feel uncomfortable. We will always respect your feelings and act accordingly.

A couple of weeks ago, papa taught you how to clap and you’ve been perfecting it ever since. Today, you wouldn’t stop clapping your tiny little hands all day. You are such a fast learner!!! The next month will bring a lot of changes for all of us as you start to become more mobile. We’re also on tooth patrol every day! I can’t wait to help you through these transitions. We’ve come a long way, kiddo and still so many adventures await… We’re with you every step of the way, so go ahead… the world awaits!

Your Mom

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