Baby Lelan- 9 Months!

Dear Lelan,

I’m getting so bad at posting these on time. But, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to record the first year of your life. I’ve been making notes so I won’t forget but you are growing up so fast that I can barely keep up.

At 9 months old, you’ve already accomplished a few awesome things. You’ve kicked your paci habit to the curb. You’ve started using the potty regularly for both 1 & 2. You can walk the length of the sectional couch holding on to it. You know how to say cat and you can feed yourself pretty much anything. These are remarkable achievements and I’m just in awe of you.

I decided to help you quit your paci habit at the beginning of the month because you were waking up crying at least 3 or 4 times a night… The first week was really rough but you just needed another way to soothe yourself. Music and rocking are what helped during the transition. I’ve really enjoyed rocking you to sleep, my darling. As an infant, you didn’t like to be held but now you let me hold you until you fall asleep in my arms and it’s been a treat for me. Watching you sleep is the most amazing thing ever! We’re still working on letting you soothe yourself to sleep but for now I’ll take all the mama cuddles I can get.

I’ve been offering the potty to you after every nap ever since you were 7 months old. Everyone thought I was rushing you, but you let me know that you enjoyed your time on the potty. We read books, sing songs and have so much fun that some days you don’t even want to get off that thing. At first it was slow going, but my goal was to get you used to the potty not potty trained. Once you figured out its utility, you started peeing in it consistently. At the turn of the 9 month mark, you started pooping in it on your own. Now we offer it to you after every meal and every nap and you do your business on most days. Of course we miss some but we don’t make a big deal about them. At this rate, there’s a good chance that you could be potty trained by your 2nd birthday, which is ahead of most kids in this country.

You eat pretty much anything I give you without a fuss. You LOVE books. Recently, you’ve started chasing the cats around. They are terrified of you, but occasionally I catch Lucy trying to play with you. You are such an easy going guy that you make every day so much fun. I’m so proud of the way you’re growing up, my darling. Every day is an adventure and I can’t wait to experience it with you!



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