Baby Lelan- 10 Months!

My Dearest,

As I write this, you’re 10.5 months old! You are a curious and interesting little kid. I could spend all day with you without getting bored or tired of you. You are fascinated with the world around you and your daddy and I are fascinated with you. 

You are not a typical 10 month old. You are advanced… and I’m not just saying that because I’m your mom. Your attention span and focus is probably the differentiator. If you are interested in something, you will take your time to figure it out. If we give you a toy that makes sound, you turn it over and over and investigate until you are satisfied with whatever it is that you’re looking for. If we show you how to do something, you pick it up right away. Papa taught you how to drum on the table and you started doing it right away. You watch baby Einstein and mimic the actions that follow. When we read books to you, you know what’s on the next page. Your face lights up in anticipation and it’s one of my favorite day to day moments with you. You’re a bright little star, full of curiosity. You love music. When a good song comes on, you’ll drop everything and focus on the notes. It’s been amazing watching the world through your eyes!
You LOVE to laugh… Your belly laughs are so contagious! I can still make you laugh like no other, which is one of my greatest accomplishments. Lately, your personality has started changing… Even though you’re still easy going in general, you have started asserting yourself in certain areas. For some reason, you detest being changed. You would rather stay in your wet diaper than be changed. I don’t think it’s attributed to any fears. I really think you’re just too fascinated with the world to be bothered. You still love baths, but lately you’ve started throwing a tantrum when I lay you in the bath. I haven’t figured out why, but as long as you’re sitting up, you’re having a blast. You love to splash around in the water. Some nights the whole floor is wet and I have to mop it up, but it’s soooo worth seeing you bliss-ed out!

You are still a good eater. We give you whatever we’re having and you eat without a fuss. Macaroni and cheese, bread, waffles, oatmeal, steamed carrots and broccoli, rice, yogurt and spinach pies are some of your favorites. You will eat any type of fruit in front of you. When you like something you loudly smack your lips and make the cutest face! We’ve taken you to a few restaurants and you’ve been very good. You loved the south Indian restaurant and ate pretty much everything that we ate. Surprisingly, you can handle spicy food, but I’m only giving you bits and pieces even if you beg for more. Another cute thing you do is scoot next to me when I’m eating and give me those puppy dog eyes. No matter what it is, you want a bite bites. Same goes with whatever I’m drinking. You love to drink out of my cup. You still LOVE formula and diluted coconut juice. 

You’re sleeping well these days. You had a tough time a few weeks back when you were teething, but it seemed to have slowed down a bit. You’ve started sleeping in your big boy bed! The transition had gone a lot easier than we had expected. There are still days when I rock you to sleep though, but I don’t mind it one bit. We’re going through a nap transition and still figuring out whether you’re ready for 1 nap, but for now we’re sticking with 2 naps a day. Your balance has improved greatly, but you’re still not walking on your own. You’re babbling a lot but no distinct words yet. We’re in no rush, my angel. Whenever you’re ready… 

Our lives have slipped into a sweet rhythm with you and belive it or not, you’re the one keeping the beat. We adore you to bits. There’s no love greater than the one you have for a child, and you are exceeding every threshold within my soul. 

I’m always here for you, my sweet angel…


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